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The ancient art of the sandal – essential footwear for all the peoples of the Mediterranean – that became a myth on Capri very early. It seems that the emperor Tiberius, who chose the island as his residence, himself wore sandals with a rigid sole and strips of leather wrapped round the ankles. Over the course of the years, the creativity of the island’s able artisans produced an unmistakable style and design. The models are not so different from those worn in Tiberius’ day; a flat sole, with strips of leather cunningly plaited, but today they are enriched with shades of gold and silver, or are in shades of turquoise, fuchsia and more personalised colours. Fashion, inventiveness and inevitable evolution have added ever more rare and extravagant examples, with low heels and little wedges and decorated uppers.

lavorazione dei sandali da parte di antonio viva Pearls, hard stones, rhinestones of the most varied types and with a thousand reflections make the sandals ever more precious, elegant and sought after.
On the island, the little stall with its equipment, tacks, and multicoloured strips retains its fascination, with the craftsmen who offer passer-by customers soles of various sizes “Don’t worry, choose the model and they’ll be ready when you get back from your walk... “
... to name just two, offer an assurance of exclusivity, charm and quality.