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The origins of L'Arte del Sandalo Caprese Print E-mail

antonio viva al lavoroL'Arte del Sandalo Caprese opened for business in 1958 at 75 Via Giuseppe Orlando in the delightful town centre of Anacapri.

Ever since then, the professional craftsman Maestro Antonio Viva has been the dynamic creator of sandals and moccasins of all forms and styles, suitable for all personalities and occasions. Most importantly, in his skilful reinvention of old traditions, he uses only 100% Italian materials, like Genuine Italian Leather, but also calfskin and kidskin, together with costume jewellery used for decorations, all carefully selected from the best Italian artisan producers, with the greatest guarantees of quality, attractiveness and resistance to wear.

lavorazione dei sandali da parte di antonio vivaTraditional Capri Sandals, comfortable and suitable for city streets but closely linked to the traditions of Ancient Rome, are distinguished by a heel with a maximum height of 1.5 cm, made by compressed layers of leather, with a steel insert and the addition of a non-slip rubber top lift.

Starting from this basic model, Antonio Viva has created a wide variety of sandals and other types of footwear, allowing him to fully cater for the increasingly adventurous requests of the fashion world and the market, but never losing his excellent sense of style and proportion.



lavorazione dei sandali da parte di antonio viva particolareEqually comfortable, elegant and sturdy in fact are his cork wedges, up to 7 cm high, or even heels, up to 5.5 cm high.
Antonio Viva’s strap sandals offer exactly the same guarantee of strength, safety and above all beauty, with the straps nailed firmly to the soles and then enhanced as preferred by the customer with decorations of the most attractive forms, or even costume jewellery.

...Just to let you know, Antonio Viva’s footwear is known throughout the world...