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Are Antonio Viva sandals truly authentic and made on the island of Capri?
Yes, they certainly are. Every single sandal is made exclusively by Maestro Antonio Viva in his workshop at 72 Via Giuseppe Orlandi in Anacapri.


What does “every single sandal is made exclusively” mean?
Every sandal is a unique article that is made exclusively to order, and no identical sandals are kept in stock. When an order is received, the footwear is produced, scrupulously following the indications given by the customer.


What materials are used?
Sandals by Antonio Viva are 100% Made in Italy. Soles are made in leather, with a steel insert to reinforce them. High heels are made in genuine rubber covered with leather, and straps are made from calfskin or kidskin. And naturally, all pieces of costume jewellery used for decorations are high-quality Italian products.


Why are your sandals expensive?
Antonio Viva sandals are made with great care dedicated to even the smallest details, and are of extremely high quality due to the materials used, and are also worked and stitched entirely by hand.


How can I be sure of ordering the right size of sandals?
In the “Guide to choosing your sandals” section, you’ll find PDF outlines that you can print out, each corresponding to a different size. These can and must be printed so as to be compared with the outline of your feet, regardless of the shoe size that you normally wear (see Italian size references). In fact, if you have a very slim foot you may need to choose a smaller size than usual, or if your foot is broad, a larger size.


How should I clean sandals and other footwear in general?
Generally, all articles of footwear by L'Arte del Sandalo Caprese require no particular care, given the quality and natural resistance of the materials used to make them.
Certainly, we recommend you to take care of them, and to replace them in the cotton bag sent together with them, especially in winter.
In case of marks on shiny leathers, the usual advice can be followed, by delicately wiping them with a cloth dampened with water or a cleansing cream. We strongly advise against using specific metal or leather cleaners or abrasive products. If necessary, a good shoe repairer will be able to give suitable instructions.