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Shipments and refunds  E-mail

How soon are sandals sent?
Every order is shipped within 15 working days, but this does not always include delivery times.
The average time needed to make products is 12/15 days, as we do not keep them in stock. When we receive an order and the respective payment, we produce the sandals and then ship them as ordered.


How are orders shipped? What courier service do you use?
Our sandals are shipped by UPS courier. Shortly before shipment of your order, you will be sent a link and a special navigation code to allow you to trace the progress of your delivery online.


Can orders be cancelled?
No, unfortunately orders cannot be cancelled. Once a product has been requested (and payment has been made), Antonio Viva is informed of the order at once, and this is the main reason, due to logistics.
In addition, every pair of sandals is made to measure and the materials cannot be reused in other ways, given the infinite possible combinations of models, colours, heels and sizes. For these reasons and for reasons due to logistics alone, it would be difficult to sell your sandals to another customer.


Can sandals be returned if I’m not satisfied with them for some personal reason?
If the model, colour, style and size of the footwear you receive are the same as those ordered, no, unfortunately they cannot be returned.
If on the contrary we make an error in satisfying your order, the product will be replaced entirely at our own cost.
In this case, return the pack to the sender and wait for the replacement article to arrive (without paying anything!).


What can I do if the size is wrong?
If the size is not the same as the size ordered due to an error on our part, the footwear will be remade and shipped again at our expense. If however the size is the same, you must make a new order, if you so wish.


If the delivery containing the sandals arrives damaged, what happens?
If for any reason the package is damaged during transport, please do not accept it. All our shipments are insured, and we will therefore be able to rapidly send you a replacement order.